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"Max delivers a wonderful story that beautifully captures the spirit of boyhood and baseball." - Carlton Fisk, former Major Leaugue Baseball player (Chicago White Sox and the Boston Red Sox), and National Hall of Fame inductee year 2000. 


There are many themes that drove Max to create this book, and themes that continue as the idea has grown. Certainly the sport of baseball is one. Max is so grateful to Carlton Fisk. He has watched repeatedly the same baseball game over and over in its entirety, and yes of course, Carlton Fisk's famous home run shot to end Game 6 with a Red Sox win during the 1975 World Series. Fisk's pride and work ethic are admired by Max. Fisk is an honorary board member of The Cancer Support Center. Max encourages you to donate as he already has, and will continue to.


The Baseball King

The Baseball King is Max C. Weiss' first published book. The book was inspired by this eight-year-old author's entrepreneurial spirt, his love for baseball, and his interest in storytelling. 


Encouraged by his younger siblings, Max weaves a narrative that explores the bond of friendship and the dedication and sacrifices required to become the best. The beatuiful illustrations throughout the book are the work of Max's grandmother, Linda Kay. 


Available in paperback and hardback and Kindle.

Hardback coming soon to Amazon and bookstores

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